Shining knights: with all their strength and bravery - get away with everything, by simply being indecisive.
But, where is their powerful prowess, when their princess to save isn’t within the chains they can break?
Or more so; when ‘their’ princess faced every wall, embraced the fall, and doesn’t need a saviour at all.
That’s the trouble with these amazing willed blades of steel, raised to kill. Immature, impatient as hell:
prevail still to spray and spill from brain to heel, because that’s what’s appealing; evolutionarily instilled.
Abide and protect, provide and protect, raise lives to protect… or resent; DNA’s not designed to forget.

As she sings, smiles, and sways - whatever she thinks to ask or say; she says; nothing is chaste to waste.
The vibe feels like: there’s no knight alive who could scoop her up, carry her away into the night, tonight.
Every star is lit up in the sky tonight, and somehow that’s extraordinary enough without a higher power.

And I think, then and now, every hour: how can I explain what I want to say, without scaring her away?
I won’t be able to find the words just right in the moment, so in the light I’ll just write an ocean’s worth,
until my thoughts flow in harmony; with no harm to bring, till they’re so calm, without waves they’d surf.

Then, as I’m inspired, decided, I am reminded of those shining knights with their edgeless blades, ablaze.
I am timely reminded that despite the sovereignty of honesty; the diss is witness to voluntary possibility.
Playing the game, so to speak; or rather, at least the latter two, not to - nocuous notions I’ll stop to keep.