INSIDE had me inside, captivated in a chilled, darkened room; cold to the bone. Let the darkness in; swoon then loom — the atmosphere of fear is scene setting… rather there’s an unsettling setting, settling in me. A child appears as does the path forward. We take a tandem, practically syncopated step

There’s no lingo to learn; two buttons, two functions, infinite entanglement. Danger everywhere, facing endangerment as we traverse an x-axis tightrope axiom between heaven and hell; in limbo I learned… or rather observed, as it became second nature so swiftly I lived wherever, and whenever he was existing

An anonymous boy’s struggle was so quickly relatable, yet an ending like that? Debatable

Edge of the chair. Every hair end standing in the air. Wondering in brief moments of disconnect how morbidity can feel so electric

Metaphoric, horrific, sensitive, inventive. Wrapped in a package the censors would need a million senses to censor

Gore, guts, sex — the course and inter, within the mainstream vernacular — are tame shock value in comparison to this intellectually offensive, disruptive existential experience. To contrast: the wordless sermons contained within conveyed the tale; grim, grey and all without saying a single word at all

It’s simplistic almost to the point of nonexistence, unless you’re paying attention — which might be quite likely the intention. It’s like real life; you won’t get the point until you contest with the underlying message. Once you understand the message — whatever that is for you — you’ll have learned a lesson and forever be changed INSIDE